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Knowing the square footage of your home is an important step in listing your home for sale since square footage plays a critical role in determining your home’s value. Sketch services will ensure you have accurate information when you list your house.

Inaccurate Square Footage

In most cases, your listing realtor will use the appraisal district records to determine the square footage of your home. However, some times appraisal districts have inaccurate square footage listed since they do not enter the house to obtain measurements. Inaccurate square footage on file with the appraisal district hurts the homeowner in two ways. First, listing your home as larger or smaller than it is could lead to problems later in the selling process. Secondly, you may be paying property taxes on square footage that does not exist.

Sketch Services Process

An appraiser is the best person to measure your home and determine the square footage. Typically, due to liability issues, realtors do not measure homes to confirm that the square footage listed with the appraisal district is correct. To ensure accuracy, Stafford Appraisers uses a laser measuring tool coupled with a software-based sketch system to take all measurements and produce the sketch. Stafford Appraisals uses accepted standardized methods to calculate square footage and is qualified to accurately determine the square footage of your home.

After receiving an offer on your home, the buyer’s mortgage lender will order another appraisal for the loan process. Sketch services from Stafford Appraisals ensures that the appraisal will not uncover inaccuracies in the listed square footage.

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Stafford Appraisals offers quick and accurate measurement and sketch services for your home. The price for sketch services typically starts at $150 but will vary depending upon the detail required in the report. Contact Stafford Appraisals to start the process of determining the accurate square footage of your house.

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