Listing Incorrect Square Footage Will Cost You $$$

Listing Incorrect Square Footage Will Cost You $$$

Square footage factors heavily into determining the value and list price for your house. Listing the incorrect square footage could be a very expensive mistake. Overstate the square footage and you could have issues when the buyer’s lender orders a home appraisal for the loan process. Understate the square footage and you will miss out on receiving the full value of your house.

Determining the Square Footage of Your Home

Often, realtors use the appraisal district records to determine the square footage of your home. Due to liability issues, realtors usually do not measure homes to verify if the appraisal district’s square footage is accurate. However, since appraisal districts to not enter the house to obtain measurements, sometimes they will have the incorrect square footage listed. Therefore, a residential real estate appraiser is the best person to measure your property and determine the square footage.

Stafford Appraisals accepts private orders for sketch services (measuring services) to determine the square footage of properties located in Collin and Denton County. To ensure accuracy, Stafford Appraisals uses a laser measuring tool coupled with a software-based sketch system to take all measurements.

Cost for Sketch Services (Measuring Services)

Stafford Appraisals sketch services (measuring services) to determine living area square footage start at $150. Note: Sketch services is not an opinion of value or representation of the adequacy or inadequacy of the subject matter for any purpose. If you would like an opinion of value on your property, Stafford Appraisals also accepts orders for private appraisals. With a reputation for being fast and friendly, Stafford Appraisals can often schedule sketch services within a couple of days of contacting us.

$150 for Sketch Services = $20,000 Increase in Listing Price

Not convinced that establishing accurate square footage is an important part of the listing process? Stafford Appraisals recently measured a home in the DFW suburbs and determined that the square footage shown by the appraisal district was 300 square feet less than it should have been. The discovery of the additional 300 square feet enabled the homeowner to increase their list price by $20,000.

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